The roots of the Iranian regime’s increased international isolation
Analysis by PMOI/MEK
The U.S. Treasury slapped fresh sanctions against the Iranian regime’s petrochemical sector on Thursday, blacklisting two individuals and six companies that were doing business with Tehran. Four of these companies, including two companies based in Hong Kong, one in Shanghai and one in Dubai, had b

Baghdad’s pro-Tehran rally: A defeat for the mullahs of Iran
Analysis by PMOI/MEK
Iraq, January 25, 2020—After a few days of widespread advertisements, the Iranian regime and its proxies in Iraq held a rally in Baghdad on Friday in hopes of regaining their fast waning influence in Iraq. But like other maneuvers the regime has resorted to in the past months, what resulted was utter defeat and

Three unidentified warplanes target locations of Iranian militias in the vicinity of Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

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Spokesperson for the Haftar forces threatens to bomb any civilian plane that lands or takes off from Maitika airport, east of the Libyan capital.

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