COVID-19 Updates (23/3)
At the time of writing, 353,320 cases of the COVID-19 had been reported worldwide with 15,408 deaths. China, Italy, the US, and Spain being the worst affected by the pandemic.

The coronavirus is now affecting 192 countries and territories.

IOC has set a 4 weeks deadline for the decision on the Summer Games amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Eretria, Mozambique, Uganda, Syria, Dominica, and Grenada all have r

Surveillance Cameras in Mong Kok to upgrade to 4K Lens by April; Government Denies Facial Recognition
It’s noteworthy that Mong Kok are venues where pro-democracy demonstration take place.

According to Cable News, a fund was granted by the previous Yau-Tsim-Mong District Council to install 4k lens in the surveillance camera at the height of Sai Yeung C

COVID-19 Updates (22/3)
At the time of writing, 318,378 cases of the coronavirus have been reported worldwide with 13,671 deaths.

The coronavirus is now affecting 188 countries and territories.

China only recorded only 46 new cases of the virus and 6 deaths, all cases are imported as the authorities claimed.

China, Italy, Spain and USA are now the four most affected countries. With a respective 81,054, 53,575, 28,572, 26,909 ca

Possible real number of coronavirus deaths in China calculated
Due to the nature of Chinese telecoms, your national ID is bound to your mobile number account, which is in turn bound to your Alipay account, the one-stop mobile app that manages all monetary transactions, including banking.

If you lose it you lose access to Alipay, which is basically how the Chinese pay for everything; becaus

Brave Iranian youth torch posters of Khamenei while celebrating Nowruz
Reporting by PMOI/MEK  

Iran, March 22, 2020—Iranians all around the world celebrated the Persian New year Nowruz on March 20, 2020. But due to the outbreak of coronavirus which has already taken the lives of more than 8,800 people, it is maybe the most difficult new year celebration for Iranians, especially tho

Iran: state experts acknowledge economic bankruptcy
Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, March 22, 2020—While Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei deviously describes the new Iranian calendar year as the year of “Production Leap,” a look at remarks made by state experts in the final days of the last Iranian calendar year (leading up to March 20) sheds light on Khamenei’s contradictory remarks and the reg

Police Charge in Peaceful Memorials Held for Deceased Protesters (Video)
In remembrance of 15-year-old Chan Yin-lam who was found dead in the waters 6 months ago, citizens held memorials at Tsuen Kwan O and Kwun Tong.

In Kwun Tong, the memorial was held at Kwun Tong Promenade. The video shows that police are conducting stop and search on many civilains gathered at the scene.


COVID-19 Updates (21/3)
At the time of writing, 290,248 cases of the coronavirus have been reported worldwide with 11,953 deaths.

The coronavirus is now affecting 186 countries and territories.

China only recorded only 41 new cases of the virus and 7 deaths as the authorities claimed.

Spain and USA have now become the third and fourth most affected countries in the world, having 25,374 and 22,019 confirmed cases respectively. 1

USF RC-135V Air Patrol Surveillance / Analysis and Radar Surveying / Ballistic Missile Warning, Persian Gulf.

Amer Al-Fakhouri, “Butcher of Al-Khiam”, while being extracted by the Americans in Lebanon

Keep your distance, especially from China
This catastrophe is indeed an example of the survival of the fittest, but it is not limited to a war between humans’ immune system and the virus, it is also a war between ideologies and information.

Basically, the severely affected areas of the Coronavirus, such as Italy and Spain in Europe, and Japan and South Korea in Asia, are the countries who “believed in” China an

Iran state daily: Coronavirus was discovered far before officials announced
Reporting by PMOI/MEK  

Iran, March 18, 2020—Coronavirus was discovered 12 days prior to the February 11 rally in Iran marking the 1979 revolution, according to the state-run Jahan-e Sanat daily. However, this was kept a secret due to the fact that the February 11 rally was on schedule. The government c

COVID-19 Updates (18/3)
At the time of writing, 204,264 cases of the coronavirus have been reported with 8,244 deaths. Though China, Italy, and Iran continue to be the top 3 countries that are most affected by this pandemic, Spain and Germany both now have more cases of the coronavirus then South Korea. Both Spain and Germany now report more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19 and with 2084 and 2606 new confirmed cases respectively.


Yesterday, a picture of a Hezbollah fighter welcoming the Corona virus patients at Rafik al-Hariri Hospital in Lebanon. The picture itself doesn't really interest me in the affiliation of Hezbollah fighter, but they are now killing thousands in Idlib.

Iranians take to their balconies to celebrate Chaharshanbe Suri

Iranians defy security forces on national Fire Festival
Reporting by PMOI/MEK 

Iran, March 17, 2020—Despite broad efforts by the regime to prevent celebrations during the annual Fire Festival (Charshanbe Suri), marking the eve of the final Wednesday of the Persian calendar year, Iranian resistance units and defiant youths took to the streets and reiterated the Iranian people’s desire to overthrow

COVID-19 Updates (17/3)
At the time of writing, 185,067 cases of the coronavirus have been reported with 7,330 deaths. China, Italy, Iran, and Spain continue to be the most affected countries of the pandemic.

China has reported 80,934 cases and 3,226 deaths since the outbreak began last December. More than 67,000 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

Spikes in the number of cases of the coronavirus continue

The ISI Hebrew website publishes photos showing Israel's destruction of warehouses and headquarters inside Damascus International Airport.

Confirm the killing of 5 Lebanese Iran Party fighters in the battles of Aleppo countryside, including Moheb Nimr, Ammar Darwish, Abbas Taha, Abbas Younis, and the leader Jaafar Harb. In addition to dozens of Shiite fighters affiliated with Iran who are under the umbrella of local defense.

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