Israeli Iron Dome system stops a rocket fired from Gaza.

A short time ago, a building in Gaza was hit by an IDF rocket, after multiple rockets where fired from Gaza into Israel.

From the Abu-Alta funeral that is taking place at these moments in Gaza.

Right now, second round of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel by the Islamic Republic (Hamas / Islamic Jihad).

Twenty-two-year-old Omar Haitham al-Badawi was shot during clashes with Israeli security forces in the Al-Aroub refugee camp. IDF claims he was a terrorist.

Syrian people in the northeast welcome Turkish troops with stones

While Iranian women are forced to wear hijabs or face prison time, Ali Akbar's nieces and sisters are in Switzerland partying it up.

Hazrat al-Sha'abi and the Qods Corps burning Iraqi protesters tents in Karbala Iraq.

The joining of Iraqi Navy units with their people's uprising against corruption and interference by the Iranian mullahs.

Hours ago, the leader of the world's terrorists Khamenei ordered the killing of protesters and now several revolutionary youths have been killed in Basra and Nasiriyah.

Yep, looks like Jack Dorsey went on a perma-suss rampage. Thank God for KAG.Social.

Why is Twitter censoring Iranian Resistance supporters?
Wednesday morning, Twitter started suspending the accounts of Iranian Resistance supporters.

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