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The locations where ISIS launched attacks from the beginning of 2020 until today.

Still got a Twitter account? If you want to help take down jihadists account, check out for report target lists.

Assad plane documentd the moment a convoy of Turkish forces were attacked a few days ago in Saraqib.

Pakistani intelligence arrested an agent of an Iranian intelligence network, called "Haider Zaidi", who was involved in the killing of close figures of the Taliban, the most important of them was "Nizamuddin Shamzai"

If you is have impure thought about woman's ankle and there is no other Pusslims around to discipline you, you is must discipline yourself


Full-List of bots:

3 Russian officers in the photo, directly supervising the southern Idlib countryside operations, in the Red Square (Colonel Khairat Kahla) and (Lt. Col. Khadr Khaddam).

Iranian protesters don't have a lot of love for the Democratic Party.

A plainclothes officer who, when his gun was shot, had people round him up and slapping him. It's a lesson for other beasts of the system.

A movie allegedly aboard the Ukrainian aircraft that was hit by a missile before it crashed and may have killed some in the sky.

More important details about the US-based missile attack, from a Danish officer from Ein al-Assad base:

Iran's missiles were very accurate and aimed at their targets with great precision.

 Huge radar control units with all of its equipment plus the US military intelligence headquarters were completely destroyed.

Thank you @KAG for letting us use your platform. You and your fellow Trump supporters are great people. Tonight we stand with the Americans and their ideas of democracy. Freedom for all! ✊

@FreedomForIran when the day comes in which we start talking about trade agreements instead of sanctions.... your first plate of tacos is on me. You guys have a rich history which needs to be preserved. The people of Persia definitely have this owed to them.

This is the Basij (someone in uniform) who shot the lady. 7 people shot being reported.

Everyone make sure to follow @FreedomForIran for the up to the minute news from Iran.

Unlike the protest back in 2009, this time it's being televised all over Texas. This time the world is watching.

Video dedicated to the victims of the Ukrainian Airlines attack over Iran. 🌹

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