Why didn't blacks support the two black Dem candidates for prez?

Why does whiteman biden have the noggle vote locked up?


Cory Booker is obviously homo. Blacks don't cotton to homos.

Komodo Harris is a weird mixed-breed witch married to a jew, with a record of putting blacks in prison by the truckload. Blacks can tell she don't look rightly ghetto in da face. No connection to blackety black america. Also, black men are not really down with the Big Woman candidates.

Biden was gaymulatto's house slave. Blacks like that. Plus, name recognition.

Watch for black support movement toward Deval Patrick, if he seriously runs.

Other than that, expect a brokered Dem convention as biden sweeps the niggly-piggly states and warren/sanders take the white states.

Dark (heh) horses (double heh): Michael Obama, thecunt.

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